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Guides on Writing a Research Proposal: Research Proposal Example

A research proposal is one of the most complex academic assignments. It requires great writing, analytical skills, and an ability to outline the most important ideas. A research proposal is aimed at analyzing and explaining conducted research. You need to explain in detail the main reasons for your research, its usefulness for other researchers and the entire society. 

A well-written research proposal takes account of the following fundamentals:

  1. The main idea of the paper;
  2. The main reasons for conducting research;
  3. The methodology used in research.

You need to provide an informative summary of your research, gather the readers’ attention to force them to read an entire paper eventually. In fact, a research paper if one of the most important papers for students since it brings required funding for their further study projects. Therefore, a research proposal must be excellent to let you get all your benefits.

Students often make a bunch of mistakes when conducting research and writing a research proposal that can be easily avoided if you know how to write it properly. You need to be very attentive and avoid the most common mistakes. 

First, you must provide a clear and concise overview of your research paper. Thus, you should write down a clear aim of the research, the exact time, place, methods used, etc. You must be focused on the main idea of your research, thus make sure to avoid minor issues and too many details. It is obligatory to assure a flawless final paper, thus pay attention to grammar and lexical components. Moreover, you should be very careful when citing other writers’ materials. This article will help you to focus on the main idea, provide a great overview, and perform an excellent research proposal.

Research Proposal Example and Illustration

Often, it is extremely difficult for students to find enough information on how to complete an excellent research proposal. Therefore, students frequently use various services of online writing companies and pay for completed research proposals. In fact, you can easily complete your assignment once checking a research proposal example. It can help you greatly to come up with a great research paper and perform a good research proposal. You can download numerous research proposal examples online to get more information on how to prepare a research paper and a research proposal. 

When checking research proposal samples, you should pay attention to the following elements of a paper:

  1. Proper format of a paper. You will get a chance to check the proper structure of a paper and its important elements.
  2. Discover the paper’s fundamentals that must be included in order to submit an excellent final paper.
  3. Check various examples and get information about every paper’s detail, formatting style requirements, additional elements, etc.

Research Proposal Outline

You need to check a research proposal sample to conduct great research and provide an excellent research proposal eventually. It will help you to assure a perfect format and structure of a research proposal and get the readers’ attention from the very first lines of your paper. 

A research proposal must contain the following six main parts:

  • Introduction. This is an opening part of a paper that is aimed at gathering readers’ attention. You need to provide a brief introduction that remains both informative and attention-grabbing. In this part, make sure to describe the main idea of your paper, the methodology used, the importance of your research, and the results. Make an introduction clear and concise.
  • Background. This section needs to contain information about the problem. You must provide an overview of the analyzed problem in detail. Make sure to follow a proper structure to reveal the needed information and important data. In this section, you can add more details about your paper’s main aim, explain the importance of your study, and provide a short plan of research for other researchers’ convenience.
  • Analysis of the used sources. This is one of the most complicated sections for writers since it requires a lot of information that must be arranged systematically. You can use a research proposal outline to learn how to organize the information properly. The structure of this section must be clear and concise. You need to outline the previously conducted research works and show that they lack important data that you are willing to analyze and submit in your research paper.
  • Methodology. This section requires a list of effective methods used in your research work. You must provide various research methods. It is preferable to use and describe the methods that have not been used previously by other researchers. Moreover, focus on the most effective methods of research to come up with great findings.
  • Expectations and consequences. You need to describe and explain the results of your research. Make sure to describe the impact of your study on society and other researchers’ possible works. Reveal your suggestions about the possible changes in an analyzed field and your expectations.
  • Conclusions. This section must be brief and concise. Try to explain the importance of your research and the reasons for conducting a complex study. Make sure to add a few sentences about a research results’ implementation. Describe the benefits of research for society and other researchers.

Research Proposal Topics

One of the most complicated stages of a research paper completing for students worldwide is a search process of a good topic. This is extremely difficult work for a majority of students who tend to submit a good final paper. We have gathered the top research proposal topics to help you to complete an excellent research paper. Choose the best topic for your research work using the following samples.

  1. The influence of politics on modern society.
  2. The results of the Russian invasion of Georgia.
  3. The difference between terms Nazism and Fascism.
  4. How can the world economy be influenced by radical religious groups?
  5. Can libertarianism assure the proper development of a country?
  6. The modern democracy against dictatorship.
  7. The history and evolution of Christianity in the world.
  8. The key armed forces on the battlefields of WWII.
  9. The difference and similarities between the state politics of Lenin and Stalin.
  10. The life of Native Americans in the modern USA.
  11. The reasons for racism in the USA and Europe.
  12. The possible reasons and outcomes of the WWIII.
  13. Romeo and Juliet: the new explanation of an old love story.
  14. The benefits and dangers of modern business development for an environment.
  15. The top reasons for the recent increase in racial discrimination in the world.