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Writing Tips for Writing Compare and Contrast Essay and Their Difference

“iOS is better than Android so I use iOS only.”

This statement does not sound interesting or persuasive, rights?

“iOS is more convenient and provide better security comparing to Android mobile systems.”

The second statement is more informative. This is a case you can use for your compare and contrast essay. As you already understand from the term, this type of writing that is aimed at analyzing two objects comparing them. You should know how to work on this task as this essay may be a part of your exam or home task.

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Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay: What You Should Know

This academic writing is aimed at describing two or more objects that are similar but differ in some ways. The essay discloses both common and contrasting features of them. The main goal here is to show the reader to what extent the given objects differ from each other.

So the first thing you should do before writing is to select objects that fit mentioned requirements so they can be compared, contrasted and analyzed from this perspective.

2 Ways for Creating an Outline for a Compare and Contrast Essay

If you want to write a quality compare and contrast essay, you should realize that its structure is more complicated than other types of academic writings. The outline will depend on the selected objects and the direction of comparison. But the most suitable and understandable way to deal with this task is to describe objects’ similar and different features point by point. Here’s an example of the structure:

  • Introduction
  • Stating the main idea
  • Description of the particular issue

Here’s the structure that may fit your body paragraphs:

Subject 1 – Feature 1

  • specification
  • specification

Subject 2 – Feature 1

  • specification
  • specification

Subject 1 – Feature 2

  • specification
  • specification

Subject 2 – Feature 2

  • specification
  • specification

Subject 1 – Feature 3

  • specification
  • specification

Subject 2 – Feature 3

  • specification
  • specification
  • Concluding part
  • Summarizing of the main ideas
  • Describing possible changes, evolution, development, improvement.

This structure is understandable and easy to follow. You simply move from one point to another describing features and specifications of objects and then move to the next section. In conclusion, you can summarize contrasting or similar features.


In this part, you should state the main idea and define elements and objects you are about to compare. Provide an explanation of why you decided to disclose this topic and why you have selected these objects. Also, provide a reader with reasons to keep reading your essay by pointing out its value. Start your essay with catching a hook sentence that will grab the reader’s attention from the first second.


The closing section also is very important as here you should leave a reader with the right thoughts after reading your essay. Do your best to leave the right impression. Summarize all the statements you have a place in your text, repeat the main idea in other words. And name in short the main common and different features of the objects you have discovered.

Here are some additional recommendations:

  • Use organizational tools like Mind Map o Venn diagram to arrange available materials and your ideas.
  • Do not use vague statements.
  • Apply narrow ideas to disclose them more deeply.
  • Do your best in revising and editing before sending an essay to your teacher.
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Looking for Compare and Contrast Essay Topic Ideas? 

We have prepared 20 examples of topics you can use for your contrast and compare essays. We have divided them into categories according to the academic level. But you can check out them all to find your inspiration.

College Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Karl Marx’s theory in the context of modern capitalistic development.
  • US Constitution and UK Constitution: Do they relate?
  • Modern political approaches and regimes of ancient times
  • Commons and differences in work of marketing specialist and human resources manager.
  • What makes Renaissance & Baroque art similar and different at the same time (to showcase your expertise you can use more terms and facts from the theory and history of art)

High School Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Education in Private School vs Public School
  • Marriage or free union: Pros and cons.
  • Similarities of the structure US government and school government.
  • Football clubs in different countries.
  • TV or internet news? Where is the truth?

Middle School Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Customs and traditions in celebrating New Year in the USA vs Europe
  • Positive role models for teens Vs role models when you grow up
  • Comfortable transport that will be safe for the environment: cars or trains?
  • Reading non-fiction or fiction: what is more useful for personal growth?
  • Traditional or distant education: pros and cons.

6th Grade Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Who is stronger: Batman or Iron Man?
  • Heroes Strategy or Sims: what you will choose?
  • Play station or Xbox: what differs and unites them?
  • Benefits of sports in winter in comparison to summer sport opportunities.

Study Good Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

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