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How To Get Into Harvard With A Maximum Chance Of Success

Harvard is famously one of the hardest universities to get into. It is the dream college for millions of students around the world, but only the best, most accomplished students get a chance to experience the famous Harvard standard of education.

Last year, 39,506 applied to Harvard, but only 2,037 were eventually accepted. This acceptance rate, which is calculated to be 5%, makes Harvard one of the most challenging schools to get accepted to. In the lowest rate of acceptance rating in Massachusets, Harvard ranked #1, which only reinstated the idea that it is extremely hard to be accepted into Harvard.

Even students with the most brilliant grades and school records report difficulties when trying to enroll in Harvard. Typically, only the top 2 percent of students from all over the country have a chance to be accepted. And given that out of all applicants who were admitted, 83% chose to study at Harvard, you can easily tell that Harvard is the number one school of choice for most students who apply there.

Harvard SAT Scores

Sat Range

In order to get into Harvard, you need to be somewhere in the top 1% of SAT takers. Only applicants with SAT composite scores from 1500 to 1600 stand a chance of being admitted into Harvard, while students who scored below 1500 will likely not even be considered. However, there is a chance for students with a 1450 SAT composite score to also be accepted to Harvard. Typically, Harvard freshmen have an average 1550 SAT score. 67% of Harvard applicants submit their SAT scores, which means that having a competitive SAT score is essential for your admission chances.

Sat Score

Harvard ACT Scores

ACT Scores

53% of all Harvard applicants submit their ACT scores. According to the admission data released by Harvard, the school frequently accepts applicants with ACT scores of 32 and higher. Typically, your ACT scores need to be in the top 3% nationally for you to get accepted into Harvard. The minimum ACT score required to be considered for Harvard admission is 30, but ACT score of 34 gives you a much better chance to get accepted. With ACT scores of 35 and higher, you are even more likely to be admitted to Harvard.


Estimated GPA Requirements

It is no secret that you need to have exceptionally good grades to stand a chance of being accepted into Harvard. But how high do your grades need to be exactly? According to the recent admission statistics at Harvard, the average high school GPA of Harvard freshmen tends to be 4.04 on a 4.0 scale. It means that primarily A students have the highest chance of getting into Harvard and attending the school. However, even a 4.04 GPA does not mean you will automatically get into Harvard, since this school has famously high requirements for its applicants that are not limited by GPA scores.

GPA Scores

High School Class Rank

The percentage where you land in your graduating class has a big influence on your chances of being accepted to Harvard. The recent admission cases show that 95% of all students who have been accepted into Harvard graduated in the top 10% of their class. If you graduate in the top 50% of the class, you still have a chance of being accepted, albeit it is considerably smaller. However, the top 50% and top 10% of the graduating students are generally not considered for admission.

Freshmen Within Range

Admission Statistics

Harvard has one of the highest number of applicants among US schools, but it is also widely known for being extremely selective when it comes to admissions. As a result, only 5% of the students applying to Harvard typically get accepted every year. The women to men ratio among applicants is approximately equal. Out of over 2,000 students accepted in one year, over 1,600 of them chose to study in Harvard, which gives this school one of the highest admission yield numbers in the country.

Admission Statistics

Admission Deadline And Requirements.

If you plan to enroll to Harvard for the Fall 2020 semester, the deadline for your application is January 1, 2020. There are still several SAT and ACT test dates left for this fall and winter for you to take them if you haven’t had the chance before.

Sat Test Date

In order for your application to be considered by the Harvard admission committee, you are required to have your test scores and recommendations. You are also recommended to submit your high school GPA, class rank, and undergo the College Preparatory Program. At Harvard, AP credits are accepted, but the Dual and Life Experiences credits are not accepted.

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