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Guide to Writing a Descriptive Essay with 100 Inspiring Topic Ideas

If you are assigned to work on the descriptive essay project, this article will help you to deal with this task at the highest level. So, let’s start with a definition. A descriptive essay is a type for writing that is aimed at describing or summarizing the features of the object, topic or even idea. Usually, they are pretty short and you do not have to include the opinions of other people. So you can write it rather quickly. Also, you can delegate this task to professionals if you do not have time or desire to work on this task right now.

Many students consider this is the simplest academic writing task. They have to use their vocabulary to describe things instead of using visual means like pictures or videos. But you should not focus only on the visual aspects but also include a description of your feelings ad perceptions considering the given topic.

For example, if you write about any place, you should share your impression of being there, what emotions you have and what thoughts you had while being there. However, the approaches to writing a descriptive essay may vary depending on its type. So let’s take a close look at them.

Descriptive Essay Types and Their Specifications

First of all, we advise you to find some examples of this essay and then define what types they belong to. Descriptive essays differ considering the object of description:

  • Essay about people. In this case, you should describe a person considering his\her appearance, character, behavior, views, habits, moods and any other possible features you might know and which will help to define the personality.
  • Essay about places. The same task is here. You choose a place and think of the most suitable aspects you can focus on to give your reader a feeling that they have visited that place with you. We recommend choosing places that will be remarkable and multidimensional so you could provide as much description as possible.
  • Essay about events. Think of the last trip you had or the concert you visited. Maybe it was just a meeting with friends or graduation from a school that marks the start of the next life stage.
  • Essay about animals. You can pick an animal you have as a pet or think of some wild beasts you adore and then describe what features make you feel this way.
  • Essay about professions. Here you can tell readers about the job of your dreams. This is an opportunity to master your skills for future admission essay or resume for your job application.
  • Essay about behavior. There plenty of people with a peculiar behavior. It can be your friend, classmate or neighbor. Again, we advise selecting people with behavior you can describe interestingly and understandable for your audience.

You can write about almost anything, as you see. The only thing to keep in mind is that the target of your description should be interesting and appropriate in academic writing. And you can always address your request to our professionals.

100 Topic Ideas for Descriptive Essay Project

Some students slow down their progress in completing this task as they do not know what topic to choose. It is good when your teacher assigns you with it, but when it is up to you, you can showcase your worldview and creativity. Moreover, you can come up with a topic that will be interesting to you so you will be able to describe the things doing your best. Also in this situation, you will have more chances to impress your teacher.

To help you with this task a bit we have collected 100 topic ideas to stimulate your creativity. Sure, you can simply follow our topic guidelines. But it is also possible that some of these 100 variants will remind you of something you really care about. So here we go.

Topics about people and personalities

  1. Describe your mother in detail (or any other family member).
  2. Describe the personality that you consider your role model. It can be some of the celebrities, scientists or any other influential personality.
  3. Martin Luther King and his activity for human happiness.
  4. Provide a description of your favorite character from any TV show.
  5. Disclose features of the character or any well-known villain.
  6. Tell readers about specific features of the character of one of your mates.
  7. Provide a list of features of your boyfriend/girlfriend character that make them special.
  8. Explain your preferences in female superheroes.
  9. Your favorite teacher: why he/she influenced you so much?
  10. John Kennedy’s political activity and why he contributed a lot to society’s growth?
  11. Your favorite actor/actress and why he/she stands out of the crowd for you?
  12. Describe the reasons for someone’s behavior.
  13. What events have influenced your behavior and habits?
  14. Describe a personality you dislike and why.
  15. Describe your emotions after the last movie you watched.
  16. What fictional horror character is the scariest to you?
  17. Describe your feelings and actions if you meet your idol.
  18. Who you can call “best friend” and why?
  19. What features of a character can make a person your enemy?
  20. Describe the friendship between boy and girl and what aspects of it can be real?
  21. Describe the achievements of your favorite sportsman.
  22. Explain what influences fashion trends now?
  23. The personality of Abraham Lincoln and his place in US history.
  24. Write about the features of your closest relative that make him/her special to you.
  25. Describe your distant relative and your relationships.

Ideas to describe places

  • Describe the house you live in now. What would you like to change or preserve and why?
  • What place would be best for your next vacation?
  • Describe the perfect location for a summer trip with your friends.
  • Describe the perfect location for a winter holiday celebration.
  • If you live on campus then describe your room and your roommates. Provide your suggestion to improve living in such conditions.
  • What is your favorite city in your country and why?
  • Provide a description of a place that will be perfectly suitable for your wedding day.
  • Describe the nearest place where you can see stars clearly.
  • Where would you arrange the loudest open-air rock concert?
  • Describe the countries you would add to your dream trip list.
  • Describe your hometown and the most remarkable locations in it.
  • Tell about the cities that are more popular in their countries than the capitals.
  • What was the quietest place you have ever been to?
  • Could you think of the place in the world every person would be happy to visit?
  • Describe your educational institution.
  • Where you traveled with your parents for the first time?
  • Describe the garden at the nearest farm you have been to.
  • What city or country would be perfect for you to visit for the music festival?
  • Describe your favorite Wonder of the World (one of seven).
  • Name a place or object or phenomenon that can be considered as the Eighth Wonder of the World.
  • Describe your feelings when you visit your childhood places after a long time no see.
  • Tell us about the benefits of living in your native country.
  • Describe the most convenient route to the nearest mountains.
  • Think of the best place to arrange a college party.
  • Describe the fictional place you would like to visit if it was real.

Topics about memories

  • Describe the best day of your life using various literature means like comparison, metaphors and so on.
  • Describe your first trip to the seaside and your emotions.
  • First birthday party you remember.
  • Describe your life experience creating a word map describing the most significant events and periods.
  • Your first day at school, college, university and what did you feel on that day.
  • The most undesirable experience you would be happy to erase from your memory.
  • Describe the most significant memory that is connected with your dear person who has passed away.
  • Create a list of things you would do with your parents next time you meet them.
  • What was the most remarkable experience in your academic life that still makes you proud?
  • First date and what did you feel then.
  • Describe the day you discovered something (a book, a movie, a song) that eventually influenced your life a lot.
  • Your first memory from your childhood and why do you think you memorize that event?
  • Describe your experience of climbing the mountain/ surfing the wave / jumping with a parachute.
  • The day you started riding a bicycle.
  • Your first trip abroad.
  • Your experience as an exchange student.
  • Your first case of failing an exam and how did you deal with that.
  • The event in your life you realized what the real fear is.
  • What was the funniest joke you have heard recently?
  • Describe when you experienced disappointment after arriving at some popular place everybody talks about.
  • Who you loved to play with when you were a kid?
  • The first winter holidays without your family.
  • When and why you started keeping a diary.
  • The best present you have ever received on your birthday.
  • The first funerals you attended.

Ideas for a description of objects and things

  • Describe an object that can be considered as a relict in your family.
  • What object you can call your saving amulet and why?
  • Your favorite toy when you were a kid.
  • Describe a thing that you wanted so much so you could steal it or have stolen it in reality.
  • The most famous painting in the nearest museum.
  • Describe a recent technological innovation and show its practical significance for our lives.
  • Try to describe your personality considering appearance, views or actions.
  • Describe some physical process from the scientific point of view.
  • What event that happened in ancient history had a serious impact on further social evolution?
  • What paintings do you have at home?
  • What architecture object fascinates you the most?
  • The historical significance of the memorials.
  • Describe the construction of our Solar system.
  • What historic events are described in the Bible?
  • What is the healthiest position of sleeping?
  • Reasons people are attached to their childhood toys.
  • What are your favorite clothes you would like to wear all the time?
  • What would you take with you on your one day trip to the seaside?
  • What things can have more value than money for you?
  • The healthy recipe you have discovered recently.
  • Your first pet and your attitude towards it.
  • What video game would you choose to play for the rest of your life?
  • Your favorite music band and what makes it special to you?
  • Provide a detailed description of your living room.
  • Describe the room of your best friend.

How to Master a Descriptive Essay Structure

The structure of the descriptive essays may vary depending on the topic and the object of description. For instance, if you describe a person, you do not have to follow any chronology while during telling readers about events you should place one action after another. Also in most cases, there is no need to conduct deep research when the topic is focused on your feelings, emotions, and memories.

It is a good idea to create a table with 5 columns after each of the human senses, and then provide as many descriptive words under each of them as possible. This will help to describe things with the full specter of feelings to help your readers understand your text better. Focus on feelings that are relevant to your topic and provide their detailed description.

Write an outline as well. This is the main rule for any academic writing. At school or college, in any case, your teacher will expect that your essay will have a 5-paragraph structure. And this is the right approach as even that the descriptive essay is creative writing, you still need to organize your thoughts and disclose the topic gradually and logically. So start with outlining your thoughts you would like to expand in the intro, body paragraphs and what to tell in the conclusion. No reference page is required. But you can mention some sources if ii will be appropriate.

The formula for Writing a Descriptive Essay

  • Preparation. Think of the object you are about to describe. Do you know enough about it? If needed, find and study sources that provide the required info about it. But it would be great if you will have relevant experience. The descriptive essay should be aimed firstly at your emotions and feelings towards the object you describe.
  • Start writing. The first sentence of your essay should catch the reader’s attention and motivation to keep reading. It can be a joke, a metaphor, and a quote and so on.
  • The first draft. As soon as you finish describing the object you will have your first draft. It is never perfect and it definitely required further work. But having a draft will help you to see the wider picture of what you have created.
  • Enriching your text with details. With an outline and a draft, you can work on enriching your text with more expressive and suitable words, phrases and structures. Maybe you will find the more relevant or appropriate approach to express your view.
  • Revise and proofread. This stage is important for making sure that your text is ready and it can be sent to your teacher/another reader. Make sure that all parts are connected and in a logical sequence. Also, spot any possible mistake. Use the help of checking tools or ask your friend to proofread your text.
  • Edit. Fix all the flaws you have found during revising and proofreading to make sure your creative writing is in accordance with high academic standards.

During revision you can use the following questions as a checklist:

  • Did you add enough details to make readers feel what you feel?
  • Did you use the right words to describe emotions, feelings, perceptions?
  • What details in your essay, on the contrary, are useless?
  • Does the structure of your essay is suitable for describing the given object?
  • Are the paragraphs presented in the logical sequence and connected properly?

But even when you are satisfied with your final draft, do not neglect to ask professionals for help. You can address your request to our service if you need assistance in planning, outlining, writing or proofreading your essays. This decision will save you some quality time and provide guarantees your essay will be as perfect as possible. Do not waste time and order an expert help if you want to get real help and complete the task!