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The importance of picking the right topic for your “A+” persuasive essay

The importance of picking the right topic for your “A+” persuasive essay

Choosing the right persuasive essay topic is like getting married: it has to be done right and you need to be sure you can spend your whole life with this person. In our case, you need to be absolutely sure you can write a persuasive essay, not less than 1000 words long on this topic.

What can you write about?

Unless your tutor gave your persuasive essay topic, you might have a hard time choosing the right one. Here are our 5 tips to make sure your choice is perfect.

  1. Your topic needs to be about something you are really good at so that you would not run out of knowledge by the middle of your essay.
  2. If you want to write an essay about the new area for you, make sure this is something you can make a thorough research about.
  3. The best persuasive essay topic is in the form of the question.
  4. Your topic needs to be intriguing.
  5. Try to capture the deep meaning of the topic.

Examples of how can the “A+” persuasive essay topic look like.

Basically, there are no restrictions on the rear you might want to pick the essay topic from. Once more, just remember that this has to be something really know your way around. Here we are going to give you some general examples of the topics that would work just perfect for the persuasive essay.

  • The forerunners of America`s Civil War. Could it be avoided?
  • Exploring the drowned Atlantis. Did they know something we don`t?
  • Mouses. Did this man really exist and had several conversations with God?
  • William Shakespeare. A real human or a stage name?
  • Being vegan or not, what is healthier?

The point of any persuasive essay is to persuade?

It is always important not to lose the point of everything you are doing, especially if you are writing a persuasive essay. Even though it is called “persuasive”, it does not mean that you have to manipulate your reader`s thoughts. The main goal is to prove your point of view in the essay by delivering relevant and consistent arguments that cannot be doubted. The only “secret” tool that can be used here is persuasive language, which means words and phrases with an emotional background, that can pay the reader`s attention somewhere you need. For example: …this is an incredibly important issue…, …it is vital to remember…, …it would be a really good idea…, …it is heartbreaking…

Paying attention to the structure in the persuasive essay 

Like any kind of writing, the persuasive essay involves 3 parts: introduction (2 – 4 sentences), main part (6 – 10 sentences) and conclusion (2 – 4 sentences).

To make sure you create a good persuasive essay, it can be really helpful to make a plan for your writing, before you start creating the text. This is where you can give enough thoughts to the arguments you are going to deliver to your audience and what is the best way to put them so that your readers would not get lost.


We hope this short article cleared your thoughts about writing persuasive essays in general and choosing the persuasive essay topic in particular. We really hope you are now full of energy and confidence to think, to make a research and that you will soon come up with the most unexpected and interesting topic for your persuasive essay, which will guarantee the “A+” mark for you. Hope to see again on our website soon. Good luck!