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Choosing the argumentative essay topic

There cannot be a good argumentative essay without a worthy idea to talk about. So we thought it might be a good idea to make some highlights about the so-called background of choosing the perfect topic for creating the best argumentative essay.

Thinking of choosing the argumentative essay topic

It is a well-known truth that there cannot be a good worthy discussion by definition without a deep, worthy topic to be its center. This is why choosing the topic is the first and, without any exaggeration, the most important step of any argumentative essay.

It is a good thing when the topic is already given to you by your tutor, but if you have the freedom and, at the same time, a hard task to pick the topic by yourself, there are several factors you need to keep in mind to choose the right one and write the best argumentative essay in your class and shed a tear from your tutor s eyes and everyone else`s who will ever read your writing.

So, to begin with, the best way to choose the best argumentative essay topic is looking up in the areas in which you know your way around. This can be education, sports, which you like the most. Your argumentative essay could also refer to some global issues of the environmental, economic, scientific, social or political field, yet it is really important to calculate your knowledge in the chosen field to make sure your knowledge is enough to cover your argumentative essay.

If you feel like you want to make your essay about the issue of the field your knowledge is lacking at, make sure you make the most thorough research about what you are going to write about. Because if you do not, do the research, it does not matter whether your structure and other essay-writing aspects are perfect or not, you lacking knowledge will come absolutely clear in your arguments.

Examples of the best topics for the A+ argumentative essay

To begin with, let us come back to the previous paragraph for a moment and identify 7 areas you might want to choose your topic from once more. These are:

  • education
  • sports
  • environment
  • economy
  • politics
  • science
  • social

Topics on education

  • Europe and the USA what is so different about the two educational systems
  • ECTS evaluation. Fair or unfair.
  • Corruption in the US education system. Is it just gossiping or a real thing?
  • Homeschooling. A way to make a child fluent in time management or a sociopath?
  • Using tablets and laptops instead of paper books at school. What could make bigger damage to a child s health?


  • Boxing. Is it the praising of violence or an athletic sport with a long history?
  • Can we really call chess a kind of sport?
  • Professional sport. Physical health or a path of self-distraction?
  • Horse riding. A dynamic sport or a piece of nostalgia?
  • Animals in sports. Is it violent?


  • Global warming. Is this all only a talk or a real threat to our world?
  • Is it possible to stop using plastic at all in the nearest future?
  • Is it possible to replace public transport all over the world to electrical vehicles all over the world?
  • Petrol cars are still a lot cheaper than electro mobiles in most of the countries, how do fight pollution then?
  • Obliging all the factories around the world to stop using dangerous chemicals. How can we achieve this?


  • Are we likely to experience the Great Depression one more time?
  • Marshall s plan. Did it work exactly as planned?
  • Making investments. Risky or trusty?
  • The future of banking. Is it all going to be digital?
  • Bitcoin. Good idea or bad?
  • Wall street. Does it world good for everyone?


  • Constitutional monarchy. Will it ever be ceased?
  • Brexit. Risks and gains.
  • Do you need to get a special education to become a good politician or it is a heart calling?
  • What are the red lines in a politician’s behavior? What they can and cannot do?
  • Democracy and Socialism. What is good and what is bad?


  • Artificial meet. Is it the real thing?
  • Genetics. Do we never know what the future brings?
  • The science of peace and science of war. What is bigger, the use of penicillin or the distraction of chemical and biological weapons?
  • Testing on animals. Can we leave it in the past for good?
  • Is there hope to find out the vaccine against all oncological diseases in the nearest future?


  • Feminism. is it already too much?
  • Does education for girls means no education for boys?
  • Does fighting for gender rights mean fighting against the harmony among the world society?
  • The issue of sexual harassment. Is it exaggerated?
  • Equal salaries for men and women. Why isn’t it that way now and when can we see this coming?

These are just examples of good argumentative essay topics. Our main point here is not really giving you some ideas but rather showing you how it should look like. The good argumentative essay has to be thought-provoking and its topic needs to provoke you to read the essay.

Few words about the structure

Little by little, we are reaching the aspect of the argumentative essay structure. We have already mentioned that your argumentative essay topic should contain the so-called provocative element something that would grip the reader s attention. What is important to do now, is to make the reader s interest even bigger than it already was.


This part of the argumentative essay is very special not only because it is the very beginning, but also because it is exactly where the reader s attention should be absolutely taken by the high importance of the things you are writing about.

Your argumentative essay topic seems to be intriguing already and your introduction should support the reader’s wish to find out more.

Let us imagine that you are writing the argumentative essay about the Constitutional monarchy and your topic sounds exactly like the example we gave above: “Constitutional monarchy. Will, it ever be ceased?”.

In this case, your introduction could sound like: “The institution of monarchy is the oldest ruling type in the world but how long will it last now, when in the modern world the most of monarchs have neither real power nor real voice in most of the matters. For centuries, the monarchs were absolute sovereigns who had legal rights to announce the war, sentence people, to death and give them mercy, but now the whole idea of monarchy is shrunk to some sort of a symbol, a memory of the past. Will this trend put the end to the monarchy at all?…”

Main part

Any argumentative essay needs to have both “Pro” and “Contra” arguments as otherwise, there is no point to call it argumentative.

This means that here you should also look up at your argumentative essay topic and develop it in both ways.

Most often the main part contains 2 – 4 paragraphs, depending on how many arguments do you have.

What is also important to remember here is that it does not necessarily need to equal the amount of “Pro” and “Contra” arguments, yet if there is a difference, please make sure it is not really big. For example, you can have 2 “Pro” and 1 “Contra” or 3 and 2.


Here you write the summary of everything you have written about in 2 – 3 sentences adding 1 – 2 sentences of your personal opinion on the matter. It is very important to make sure that your point of view is coming from nowhere, that one way or the other, it was formed based on the arguments you were talking in the body paragraphs.

Last but not least, as long as in most of the cases the argumentative essay topic is some sort of a rhetorical question, no one makes you give the concrete answer. The best way to finish the argumentative essay is by something as thought-provoking as its topic. For example, if we take one more look at the essay about the future of constitutional monarchy we are talking about in the previous paragraphs, it could be a good idea to finish that essay with the sentence like: “Anyway nobody can be sure whether the institution of the monarchy will be ceased for good or it will remain the way it is now. Only time will tell…”


We really hope that this article will help you out in picking the best argumentative essay topic and that you will easily score the A+. You are now more than welcome to check some other useful articles on our website. Hoping to see you soon good luck.