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500 word essay: definition, peculiarities and main requirements you should know about

500 word essay is one of the most popular assignments both at school and college. It is rather short, so it allows tutors to evaluate the skills and knowledge of many students rather quickly.

However, it becomes a real challenge, because sometimes the topic is too broad to fit it into 500 words. But don’t panic! Today we will tell you how to manage the task in the best possible way!

Size of a 500 word essay

The number of pages will depend on the tutor’s requirements about the formatting style. For example, if your essay will be written in APA, it will be around one and a half pages long.

Usually, you will be asked to use Times New Roman font of a 12pt size with double spaces.

How to write a 500 word essay

The key two elements of writing a flawless essay include:

  • Choosing a perfect topic. If your teacher gives you the freedom to choose a topic on your own, do your best! Pick a topic that is relevant to the subject and also makes you interested. This will help you to stand out if other students also decide to choose a similar topic;
  • Finding credible sources. Every claim and argument of your essay should be supported by evidence, so make sure you conduct detailed research before the writing stage.

A few professional tips

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

  • Always create an outline;
  • Use your personal style;
  • Avoid plagiarism to remain on a safe side.

How much time do you need?

This is a rather tough question because everything depends on your skills and speed. But let us assume that it is not your first time writing an essay, you know the chosen topic well enough and already have the main argument to discuss.

In such a case you will need one and a half hours to write a 500 word essay.

Samples of 500 word essays

It is always a great idea to get familiar with examples of an essay before you start working on your own assignment.

This will help you to understand the structure of the paper and will indicate what direction you should choose. However, not all samples are equally good, so make sure you search them on reputable and popular websites.

Quantity of paragraphs

In the majority of cases your 500 word essay will consist of three paragraphs:

  • Introduction, where you state what your essay is about;
  • Main paragraph, which contains the main argument;
  • Conclusion, where you summarize everything you have stated in your essay.

However, sometimes you may need to have more than one body paragraph if you want to include several arguments.

Best topics for a 500 word essay

It is impossible to name certain topics that can be called the best for a 500 word essay. Just make sure that they are relevant for the subject or course and reflect your own interests.

In addition, try to choose a specific topic, because it will be hard to fit a general idea or a theoretical concept into 500 words.

Writing the essay like a pro

Writing is a skill that you need to train the same as you would train sports or master a foreign language.

If you devote even half an hour every day to write a few paragraphs, soon you will see how professional your writing has become!

When you work on a 500 word essay don’t forget to create an outline. It will help you to stay focused on the subject and to provide only relevant arguments and ideas.

You should also remember to include a thesis statement to your introduction and to refer all your arguments to it.

Finally, make sure your conclusion doesn’t contain any new thoughts and ideas.

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